2011 Senate Scorecard

The Fiscal Responsibility Index is a measurement of how lawmakers perform on size and role of government issues. We use exemplar votes on core budget and free enterprise issues that demonstrate legislators’ governing philosophy.

Lawmakers also received extra weighting in their score (positively) for sponsoring good legislation or (negatively) very bad legislation.

Lawmakers and their offices are notified in advance of TFR’s position on the issues rated, and often prior to votes taken on the floor.

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1Eltife, KevinRC+
2Deuell, BobRF
3Nichols, RobertRC
4Williams, TommyRD+
5Ogden, SteveRF
6Gallegos, MarioDF
7Patrick, DanRA+
8Shapiro, FlorenceRB
9Harris, ChrisRF
10Davis, WendyDF
11Jackson, MikeRB
12Nelson, JaneRB+
13Ellis, RodneyDF
14Watson, KirkDF
15Whitmire, JohnDF
16Carona, JohnRB+
17Huffman, JoanRA+
18Hegar, GlennRD+
19Uresti, CarlosDF
20Hinojosa, JuanDF
21Zaffirini, JudithDF
22Birdwell, BrianRA+
23West, RoyceDF
24Fraser, TroyRB+
25Wentworth, JeffRF
26Van de Putte, LaticiaDF
27Lucio, EddieDF
28Duncan, RobertRF
29Rodriguez, JoseDF
30Estes, CraigRF
31Seliger, KelRD+