2012 Legislative Endorsements

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility is pleased to present our endorsements in the 2012 election season. While we will not necessarily endorse in every race, we endorse the candidates we believe to be the strongest advocates for commonsense, conservative principles proven to empower Texans.

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2011 Award Recipients
See a complete list of the legislators who earned the 2011 Taxpayer Champion and Taxpayer Advocate awards for their voting records in the 82nd legislative session. Generally, we automatically endorse high-rated legislators for re-election.

This list is current as of October 21, 2012.

Texas Senate

Brian Birdwell (incumbent SD-22)
Donna Campbell (challenger SD-25)
John Carona (incumbent SD-16)
Troy Fraser (incumbent SD-24)
Kelly Hancock (open seat SD-9)
Joan Huffman (incumbent, SD-17)
Jane Nelson (incumbent SD-12)
Dan Patrick (incumbent SD-7) 
Ken Paxton (open seat SD-8)
Charles Schwertner (open seat SD-5)
Larry Taylor (open seat SD-11)

Texas House

Charles “Doc” Anderson (incumbent HD-56) 
Dwayne Bohac (incumbent HD-138) 
Dennis Bonnen (incumbent HD-25) 
Greg Bonnen (primary run-off HD-24)
Cindy Burkett
(incumbent HD-113)
Angie Chen Button (incumbent HD-112)
Bill Callegari (incumbent HD-132)
Giovanni Capriglione
(primary winner HD-98)
Stefani Carter (incumbent HD-102)
Robert Casias (challenger HD-118)
Travis Clardy (primary run-off HD-11)
Tom Craddick (incumbent HD-82)
Brandon Creighton (incumbent HD-16)
Tony Dale (open seat HD-136)
Gary Elkins (incumbent HD-135)
Wayne Faircloth (challenger HD-23)
Patrick Fallon (open seat HD-106)
Allen Fletcher (incumbent HD-130)
Dan Flynn (incumbent HD-2)
James Frank (open-seat HD-69)
John Frullo (incumbent HD-84)
John Garza (incumbent HD-117)
Craig Goldman (open seat HD-97)
Linda Harper-Brown (incumbent HD-105)
Dan Huberty (incumbent HD-127)
Bryan Hughes (incumbent HD-5)
Jason Isaac (incumbent HD-45)
Phil King (incumbent HD-61)
Stephanie Klick (open seat HD-91)
Lois Kolkhorst (incumbent, HD-13)
Matt Krause (Primary winner HD-93)
Alma Perez Jackson (challenger HD-125)
Jodie Laubenberg(incumbent HD-89)
George Lavender (incumbent HD-1)
Jeff Leach (Primary winner HD-67)
Rick Miller (Primary winner HD-26)
Geanie Morrison (incumbent HD-30)
Jim Murphy (incumbent HD-133)
Rob Orr (incumbent HD-58)
Tan Parker (incumbent HD-63)
Charles Perry (incumbent HD-83)
David Pineda (open-seat HD-144)
Larry Phillips (incumbent, HD-62)
Debbie Riddle (incumbent HD-150)
Scott Sanford (open seat HD-70)
Matt Shaefer (primary winner HD-6)
Kenneth Sheets (incumbent HD-107)
Ron Simmons (open-seat HD-65)
David Simpson (incumbent HD-7)
Drew Springer (Primary winner HD-68)
Phil Stephenson (open-seat HD-85)
Jonathan Stickland (primary winner HD-92)
Van Taylor (incumbent HD-66)
Steve Toth (primary winner HD-15)
Scott Turner (open seat HD-33)
James White (incumbent HD-19)
Paul Workman (incumbent HD-47)
Bill Zedler (incumbent HD-96)

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