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Primary Endorsements

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility makes endorsements in advance of school and municipal elections, partisan primaries and the general election. Here you will find our most recent endorsements.

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility will make endorsements during the 2018 primary and general elections. We do not always endorse a candidate in every race where one is sought.

To be considered for an endorsement, candidates must have applied for an interview by submitting a completed questionnaire.

Endorsements are not made in every race and do not constitute a criticism of other candidates running. Endorsements will only be made in contested races.

Our endorsement of a candidate is based on our belief that the candidate will adhere to the best practices and highest principles of ethics, limited government, and stewardship of the taxpayers’ resources.

Endorsements will be made in county-wide races, as well as for statewide executive offices, the judiciary, and the state legislature. TFR will also make endorsements in open-seat congressional races.

Click here to learn more about our 2018 Local Endorsement process.

2018 Primary Endorsements

Statewide Endorsements

NameOfficeCampaign Status
Greg AbbottGovernorRunning for Re-Election
Dan PatrickLieutenant GovernorRunning for Re-Election
Ken PaxtonTexas Attorney GeneralRunning for Re-Election
Glenn HegarTexas ComptrollerRunning for Re-Election
Sid MillerAgriculture CommissionerRunning for Re-Election
Christi CraddickRailroad CommissionerRunning for Re-Election
John DevineTexas Supreme Court, Place 4Running for Re-Election
Jeff BrownTexas Supreme Court, Place 6Running for Re-Election
Jimmy BlacklockTexas Supreme Court, Place 2Running for Re-Election
Michelle SlaughterTexas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 8Running for an open seat

Congressional Endorsements

NameDistrictCampaign Status
Ted CruzU.S. SenateRunning for re-election
Van Taylor3Running for the open seat vacated by Congressman Sam Johnson
Ron Wright6Running for the open seat vacated by Congressman Joe Barton
Randy Weber14Running for re-election
Chip Roy21Running for the open seat vacated by Congressman Lamar Smith

Texas Senate Endorsements

NameDistrictCampaign Status
Bob Hall2Running for Re-Election
Charles Schwertner5Running for Re-Election
Paul Bettencourt7Running for Re-Election
Kelly Hancock9Running for Re-Election
Konni Burton10Running for Re-Election
Don Huffines16Running for Re-Election
Joan Huffman17Running for Re-Election
Pat Fallon30Challenging State Sen. Craig Estes
Mike Canon31Challenging State Sen. Kel Seliger

Texas House Endorsements

NameDistrictCampaign Status
Bryan Slaton2Challenging State Rep. Dan Flynn
Stuart Spitzer4Running for the open seat vacated by State Rep. Lance Gooden.
Cole Hefner5Running for Re-Election
Matt Schaefer6Running for Re-Election
Thomas McNutt8Running for open seat vacated by State Rep. Byron Cook
Garrett Boersma9Challenging State Rep. Chris Paddie
Danny Ward11Challenging State Rep. Travis Clardy
Steve Toth15Running for the open seat being vacated by State Rep. Mark Keough
Emily Kebodeaux Cook18Challenging State Rep. Ernest Bailes
Mayes Middleton23Challenging State Rep. Wayne Faircloth
Damon Rambo25Challenging State Rep. Dennis Bonnen
Amber Pearce45Running for the open seat vacated by State Rep. Jason Isaac
Jay Wiley47Challenging State Rep. Paul Workman
CJ Grisham55Challenging State Rep. Hugh Shine
Mike Lang60Running for Re-Election
Mark Roy64Challenging State Rep. Lynn Stucky
Matt Shaheen66Running for Re-Election
Jeff Leach67Running for Re-Election
Kyle Biedermann73Running for Re-Election
Drew Brassfield87Challenging State Rep. Four Price
Jason Huddleston88Challenging State Rep. Ken King
Jonathan Stickland92Running for Re-Election
Matt Krause93Running for Re-Election
Tony Tinderholt94Running for Re-Election
Bill Zedler96Running for Re-Election
Armin Mizani98Challenging State Rep. Giovanni Capriglione
Bo French99Challenging State Rep. Charlie Geren
Jared Patterson106Running for the open seat vacated by State Rep. Pat Fallon
Deanna Metzger107Challenging State Rep. Victoria Neave
Jonathan Boos113Running for the open seat being vacated by State Rep. Cindy Burkett
Lisa Luby Ryan114Challenging State Rep. Jason Villalba
Matt Rinaldi115Running for Re-Election
Matt Beebe121Running for the open seat vacated by State Rep. Joe Straus
Chris Fails122Challenging State Rep. Lyle Larson
Kevin Fulton126Running for the open seat vacated by State Rep. Kevin Roberts
Briscoe Cain128Running for Re-Election
Susanna Dokupil134Challenging State Rep. Sarah Davis
Valoree Swanson150Running for Re-Election

Judicial Endorsements

CandidateOffice Sought
John DevineTexas Supreme Court, Place 4
Michelle SlaughterTexas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 8
Katy Boatman1st Court of Appeals, Place 7
Michael Massengale1st Court of Appeals, Place 8
Jennifer Caughey1st Court of Appeals, Place 9
Dabney Bassel2nd Court of Appeals, Place 5
Mike Toth3rd Court of Appeals, Place 6
Ernie Aliseda13th Court of Appeals, Chief Justice
John Browning5th Court of Appeals, Place 11
Jim Pikl5th Court of Appeals, Place 12
Jaime Tijerina13th Court of Appeals, Place 4
Brett Busby14th Court of Appeals, Place 3
Jennifer Edgeworth219th District Court
Angelina Gooden280th District Court
Kristin Bays284th District Court
Fred Shuchart295th District Court
Alex Kim323rd District Court
Frank Dobrovolny369th District Court
Ben Wetmore428th District Court
Erin SwansonHarris County Civil Court-at-Law No. 2
John WakefieldHarris County Criminal Court at Law # 9


County Endorsements

NameCountyOfficeCampaign Status
Chris HillCollinCounty JudgeRunning for Open Seat
Cheryl WilliamsCollinPrecinct 2Running for Re-Election
Darrell HaleCollinPrecinct 3Running for seat vacated by Chris Hill
J.J. KochDallasDistrict 2Running for Open Seat
Itamar GelbmanDentonPrecinct 4Running for Open Seat
Michelle HatmakerGalvestonPrecinct 4Running against incumbent Ken Clark
Mark KeoughMontgomeryCounty JudgeRunning against incumbent Craig Doyal


2018 Republican Primary Ballot Propositions

Non-binding policy propositions on the statewide GOP ballot.
Ballot NumberProposition LanguageTFR Position
1Texas should replace the property tax system with an appropriate consumption tax equivalent.Yes
2No governmental entity should ever construct or fund construction of toll roads without voter approval.Yes
3Republicans in the Texas House should select their Speaker nominee by secret ballot in a binding caucus without Democrat influence.Yes
4Texas should require employers to screen new hires through the free E-Verify system to protect jobs for legal workers.Yes
5Texas families should be empowered to choose from public, private, charter, or homeschool options for their children’s education, using tax credits or exemptions without government constraints or intrusion.Yes
6Texas should protect the privacy and safety of women and children in spaces such as bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers in all Texas schools and government buildings.Yes
7I believe abortion should be abolished in Texas.Yes
8Vote fraud should be a felony in Texas to help ensure fair elections.Yes
9Texas demands that Congress completely repeal Obamacare.Yes
10To slow the growth of property taxes, yearly revenue increases should be capped at 4%, with increases in excess of 4% requiring voter approval.Yes
11Tax dollars should not be used to fund the building of stadiums for professional or semi-professional sports teams.Yes