Primary Runoff Endorsements

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility makes endorsements in advance of school and municipal elections, partisan primaries and the general election. Here you will find our most recent endorsements.

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility will make endorsements during the 2018 primary runoff election. We do not always endorse a candidate in every race where one is sought.

To be considered for an endorsement, candidates must have applied for an interview by submitting a completed questionnaire.

Endorsements are not made in every race and do not constitute a criticism of other candidates running. Endorsements will only be made in contested races.

Our endorsement of a candidate is based on our belief that the candidate will adhere to the best practices and highest principles of ethics, limited government, and stewardship of the taxpayers’ resources.


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2018 Primary Runoff Endorsements

Congressional Endorsements

NameDistrictCampaign Status
Ron Wright6Running for the open seat vacated by Congressman Joe Barton
Chip Roy21Running for the open seat vacated by Congressman Lamar Smith

Texas House Endorsements

NameDistrictCampaign Status
Stuart Spitzer4Running for the open seat vacated by State Rep. Lance Gooden
Thomas McNutt8Running for open seat vacated by State Rep. Byron Cook
Jill Wolfskill13Running for the open seat vacated by State Rep. Leighton Schubert
Brent Lawson62Running for the open seat vacated by State Rep. Larry Phillips
Deanna Metzger107Challenging State Rep. Victoria Neave
Matt Beebe121Running for the open seat vacated by State Rep. Joe Straus

Judicial Endorsements

CandidateOffice Sought
Mike Toth3rd Court of Appeals, Place 6
John Browning5th Court of Appeals, Place 11
Jim Pikl5th Court of Appeals, Place 12

County Endorsements

CandidateOffice Sought
Greg ParkerMontgomery County Commissioner Precinct 2
Michelle HatmakerGalveston County Commissioner Precinct 4
Richard RisingerHarris County 295th Civil District Court
J.J. KochDallas County Commissioner District 2