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Primary Endorsements

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility makes endorsements in advance of school and municipal elections, partisan primaries and the general election. Here you will find our most recent endorsements.

Howdy, on this page you’ll find endorsements from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility and Texans for Courageous Courts.

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility will make endorsements during the 2020 primary and general elections for the Texas Legislature, and Congress. These endorsements are based on our belief that the candidate will adhere to the best practices and highest principles of ethics, limited government, and stewardship of the taxpayers’ resources. TFR will also make local endorsements on a limited basis.

Texans for Courageous Courts is another project of Empower Texans. We believe judges should be courageous, willing to pursue and provide justice even in the face of political and social pressure, and embracing of accountability. Endorsements are focused on the Supreme Court, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Texas appellate courts, and district courts in races involving candidates of excellent merit.

To find out more about how we decided to endorse these candidates, visit the bottom of this page.

March 3rd GOP Primary Endorsements

President of the United States


Donald Trump

“President Trump’s first term has been a tour de force of reform, but more is needed. He is ready to deliver, but he cannot do it alone. The swamp was awakened to the existential threat posed by Donald Trump and Americans wanting their country back. If we stop now, the swamp will overwhelm us.Texas voters must choose if they will cower before the power of the swamp or stand united for American greatness.” (read more here)

Railroad Commissioner


Ryan Sitton

“Ryan Sitton has been an articulate and competent leader and an example of what conservatives should do when elected to public office, Ryan Sitton knows that the state’s economy grows the most when government stays out of the way, and we are proud to endorse him for re-election to the Railroad Commission.” (read more here)



NameOfficeCampaign Status
Louie GohmertCongressional District 1Running for re-election
Van TaylorCongressional District 3Running for re-election
Lance GoodenCongressional District 5Running for re-election
Ron WrightCongressional District 6Running for re-election
Randy WeberCongressional District 14Running for re-election
Chip RoyCongressional District 21Running for re-election
Michael CloudCongressional District 27Running for re-election

Texas House


NameOfficeCampaign Status
Marian KnowltonHouse District 31Running against incumbent Democrat Ryan Guillen
Jon FrancisHouse District 60Running for an open seat
Kyle BiedermannHouse District 73Running for re-election
Jeff CasonHouse District 92Running for an open seat
Tony TinderholtHouse District 94Running for re-election
Samuel SmithHouse District 107Running against incumbent Democrat Victoria Neave

Judicial Elections


James LombardinoFirst Court of Appeals, Place 5Austin, Brazoria, Chambers, Colorado, Fort Bend, Galveston, Grimes, Harris, Waller, and Washington Counties
George Flint401st District CourtCollin County
Jim Johnson431st District CourtDenton County
Eric Yollick457th District CourtMontgomery County

Local Elections


NameOfficeCampaign Status
Darrell HaleCollin County Commissioner Precinct 3Running for re-election
Billy GraffMontgomery County Commissioner Precinct 1Running for an open seat

Our Endorsement Process:

For incumbent candidates we review their voting record and solicit feedback from their constituents. For every non-incumbent candidate that we consider, there is a three step process to our endorsement.

Each candidate seeking our endorsement completes and returns a copy of the relevant endorsement questionnaire. (To see a copy of that document and the questions we asked them, click on the buttons on the right of this page.)

Our staff then reviews these questionnaires and invites candidates who appear to be near our values to interview with our staff where we discuss their political philosophy, policy goals, campaign, and other pertinent topics.

After we’ve interviewed the candidate and any interested opponent, we then solicit feedback on the candidates, their campaign, and their opponents from our subscribers, donors, and allies in their district.

With the candidate questionnaire, our notes from their interview, and the feedback from their constituents in hand, we make a decision to endorse or not endorse them in their election.

NOTE: Our endorsement of a candidate is based on our belief that the candidate will adhere to the best practices and highest principles of ethics, limited government, and stewardship of the taxpayers’ resources.

Our endorsement of any particular candidate does not represent a criticism of any other candidate in the race. Men and women of goodwill can—and often will—disagree on the solutions to the issues facing Texas; that debate is healthy and necessary in a constitutional republic.

Inquiries regarding this process or any endorsement decision can be sent to [email protected] .

A copy of the questionnaire supplied to each candidate is available here.