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Cutting Corporate Welfare

Texas Comptroller Susan Combs has it exactly right: “The Texas economy will grow, with or without incentives.” The ‘incentives,’ of course, are government giveaway programs that cost taxpayers a lot without providing much return. It’s time for them to go.

Dial “0” For Corporate Welfare

In a sign of how disconnected tax-spenders are from taxpayers, Dallas city officials are digging deep into the taxpayers wallets to hand cash directly over to one of the nation’s biggest companies. AT&T is moving their corporate headquarters 275 miles north from San Antonio to Dallas. So, of course, Dallas is going to bilk taxpayers out of $11.5 million for the pleasure. Just two weeks ago the Dallas city manager said they need to consider a tax increase to close a $15 million budget gap. Tax increases to pay for AT&T’s move? Taxpayers can be forgiven if they hear a ringing in their ears.