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Cutting Corporate Welfare

Texas Comptroller Susan Combs has it exactly right: “The Texas economy will grow, with or without incentives.” The ‘incentives,’ of course, are government giveaway programs that cost taxpayers a lot without providing much return. It’s time for them to go.

Dial “0” For Corporate Welfare

In a sign of how disconnected tax-spenders are from taxpayers, Dallas city officials are digging deep into the taxpayers wallets to hand cash directly over to one of the nation’s biggest companies. AT&T is moving their corporate headquarters 275 miles north from San Antonio to Dallas. So, of course, Dallas is going to bilk taxpayers out of $11.5 million for the pleasure. Just two weeks ago the Dallas city manager said they need to consider a tax increase to close a $15 million budget gap. Tax increases to pay for AT&T’s move? Taxpayers can be forgiven if they hear a ringing in their ears.

You’re Getting Joysticked

Hold on to your wallets, the governor and Legislature are taking aim at your wallet with a little video game waste. Unfortunately, this isn’t the virtual variety but the real-world deal. Texas Gov. Rick Perry wants lawmakers to give video game manufacturers boatloads of money to get them to design their games in the Lone Star State. This is corporate welfare at its worst. This is a $9-plus billion industry that is referred to as “recession-proof.” They don’t need your money.