Empower Texans is a non-profit service organization. Through multiple media formats, we educate and inspire Texans to exercise effective citizenship. Using research, reporting, and advocacy, we empower taxpayers to advocate for good governance and hold their elected officials accountable.

The greatest threat to our state’s economic growth and competitiveness is the weight of government on the economy.

If government and taxes are allowed to grow without restraint, the economy will contract, thereby limiting opportunities for all Texans. We seek policy outcomes that provide increasing levels of economic liberty and opportunity for all Texans by controlling the size of government. Government power and reach must be strictly limited, with elected officials held accountable by active and informed citizens.

Formed in 2006, Empower Texans – and our premier project Texans for Fiscal Responsibility – provides Texans with news and information about the issues facing the Lone Star State. Texans must be informed about policy solutions consistent with the principles of individual liberty and free markets.

We have offices in Dallas, Houston, Midland, the Rio Grande Valley and Austin.

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Our Staff

Michael Quinn Sullivan

President & CEO

Dustin Matocha

Executive Vice President

Tony McDonald

General Counsel

Morgan Williamson

Vice President, Communications

Cary Cheshire

Vice President, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

Ross Kecseg

Vice President, Local Affairs

Charles Blain

Houston Bureau

Lauren Melear

West Texas Bureau

Miriam Cepeda

Rio Grande Valley Bureau

Erin Anderson

Metroplex Correspondent

Reagan Reed

Houston Correspondent

Austin Goss

Capitol Correspondent

Salvador Ayala

Budget & Policy Analyst

Zach Maxwell

Coalition Director

Buddy Kipp

Producer, 1836 Studios

Amy Gunkler

Social Media Manager

Rebecca McCoy

Data Manager

Taylor Lawson

Administrative Assistant

Akerman LLP

Outside Counsel

Board of Directors

Empower Texans℠ Foundation Board of Directors

Tim Dunn, Chairman
Jeff Sandefer
Joel Trammell
Mayes Middleton
Lee Dunn
Luke Dunn

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility℠ Board of Directors

Tim Dunn, Chairman
Lee Dunn
Luke Dunn
Michael Quinn Sullivan

Empower Texans PAC

Michael Quinn Sullivan, Treasurer

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