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Checking The Receipt For State Government

Susan CombsYou can watch the TFR Spendometer to see how fast state government is spending your money, but a great feature at Comptroller Susan Combs' official website lets you see where the money goes.

Thanks to legislation championed by the friends of TFR, Comptroller Combs and her staff are hard at work implementing what will be the most comprehensive, transparent database of state spending available in the nation. When complete, you'll be able to check individual expenditures, grants and contracts, giving Texans unprecedented access to the details of the cost of government.

Where the Money GoesThis level of transparency will let 23 million Texans have a crack at looking for waste, fraud and abuse, and recommend efficiencies and cost savings. That's a lot of eyes looking over the shoulders of elected officials, bureaucrats, contractors and vendors.

In Comptroller Combs, we have a statewide elected official who is earnestly working to make state spending more accountable to the taxpayers who foot the bill.

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Michael Quinn Sullivan

Michael is the CEO of Empower Texans. A graduate of Texas A&M, former newspaper reporter, one-time Capitol Hill staffer, think tank vice president, and an Eagle Scout, Sullivan is married with three children. He divides his time between the Metroplex, the rest of Texas, and Austin.

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