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TFR Praises Perry For Using Line-Item Veto Pen

The president pf Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Michael Quinn Sullivan, praised Texas Governor Rick Perry for striking more than a half-billion dollars in spending from the legislature’s budget.

“We applaud Governor Perry for courageously standing up for Texas taxpayers by eliminating $650 million in wasteful government spending. Governor Perry should be commended for calling on the Legislature to enact further property tax relief, rather than obligate taxpayers to higher spending. Moreover, these vetoes of unnecessary spending will ensure that funds will be available to provide desperately needed tax relief the next time the Legislature convenes. Perry’s vetoes amounts a savings of $108 for every Texas household.”

“Some of the wasteful spending that Perry axed today was obviously pork barrel politics. For example, Perry eliminated $2 million special item for a study of obesity by the Texas Agriculture Extension Service. He also crossed out $300,000 for the art museum at Angelo State University, which as Perry pointed out in his veto message, has nothing to do with the closing of the gaps initiative under which it was purportedly justified. Perry deserves much credit for deleting such boondoggles and, all told, some $35.8 million of the $123 million in special earmarks. Governor Perry should be congratulated for recognizing that Texans don’t want Washington style wasteful spending in the Lone Star State.”


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