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That Wily Bill White

Bill White snuck out of Houston before the fiscal meltdown, and still won’t release his tax returns for public review. But the Democrat’s gubenatorial nominee is pretty wily. In fact, he must have a little Wile E. Coyote in him.

Taxing Your Home As A Home

Proposition 2 on Texas’ Nov. 3 constitutional amendment election requires that a home be appraised as a home, and not whatever else it could be. While it doesn’t solve all of our property tax problems, it does provide taxpayers with a little more, much...
What has Kirk Watson done?

What has Kirk Watson done?

New Video: With $1.4 million in the bank, State Sen. Kirk watson is clearly is hoping someone will ask him to run statewide, but it’s hard to think of what he’s actually done besides raise money. This is a send-up from the infamous 2008 Chris Matthews...

Abridging Rights In Texas

New Video: What other constitutional rights will the Legislature abridge? State Rep. Todd Smith, five other Republicans and all the Democrats voted to limit political speech last week. Watch the video on our YouTube channel.