Or Maybe We Will Take It…

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been one of most vocal critics of the federal porkulus package, so it was a shock to see headlines screaming that Perry was asking President Obama for a big slice. Is it time to pounce on this breach of fiscal faith?

Yellow Jersey in This Stage…

Right now the yellow jersey for leading the assault on private property rights belongs to the Texas Restaurant Association. The TRA, until yesterday, had been perhaps the staunchest opponent to a statewide smoking ban but is now formally supporting the measure.

Open Schools

How does your school district spend your money? Betcha you can’t find out… That’s why taxpayers should be contacting their lawmakers in support of legislation filed State Rep. Mark Strama (D-Austin), H.B. 1314, and State Rep. Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe), H.B. 1307. Of the two, Creighton’s HB 1307 is more comprehensive. Both would shine much-needed sunlight on Texas’ public education spending.

Bulked Up

A high school athlete steroid testing program cost taxpayers $6 million, but found the purported problem wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Paying a Thief To Steal

North Texas officials are asking for help after overextending themselves to pay for taxpayer funded lobbying. The Metroplex is currently on the hook for over a $250,000 in a deal that, according to the Fort Worth Star Telegram is still a work in progress. Mayors Ken Shetter of Burleson and Oscar Trevino of North Richland Hills are asking for help from suburbs not currently involved in lobbying efforts to bring higher taxes to the Metroplex.

Drinkin’ For Dollars

A San Antonio lawmaker wants to ditch the ban on Sunday liquor sales so the state can grab the extra tax money as the legislature grapples with a $9 billion revenue shortfall. He’s not the only one looking to balance the books with booze; the Association Press reports five other states are looking to lift Sunday bans.

Carona’s Tax Hikes

A staggering economy, jobs disappearing and businesses failing. So what’s State Sen. John Carona’s solution? Tax hikes and tax increases. Way to go, John Carona… Is he really a Republican?