Mandate For Conservative

With Rick Perry’s decisive victory and conservative Republicans picking up seats in the Texas House, voters have made a clear policy choice, says the president of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility. Meanwhile, House Speaker Joe Straus has little choice but to quickly name a very different, and much more conservative, leadership team.

Yes, It Matters!

The issues facing our state and nation are big, the weight of policy problems heavy. These will only be solved correctly by engaged citizens working through right-thinking men and women in the Texas Legislature. There is only one outstanding question: Will you be a visible part of the solution?

Liberal Illiteracy

Despite the desperate hope of shrill liberals eager to grow taxes and expand further the size of government, Texas isn’t on the brink of disaster or teetering on the edge of an economic abyss. There is a relatively simple solution to the state’s possible budget woes: don’t spend so much.

Blue Journalism

In a refreshing burst of honesty, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram this week painted the election as a battle between tax-and-spend incumbent Chris Turner, and conservative challenger Bill Zedler. Any guess who they chose?

There They Go Again

In endorsing liberal Carol Kent for re-election, the Dallas Morning News has pinned their fawning support on her willingness to put higher gas taxes on the table. The DMN’s editorial board has apparently made crashing Texas’ economy their top policy goal.

ObamaCare Fanatics

While ObamaCare is strongly opposed by Texans, its imposition was supported by several Texas legislators. Texans for Fiscal Responsibility today began a public education effort designed to unmask the radical supporters of socialized medicine.

Moody’s Own Words? Hardly…

Apparently Democratic State Rep. Joe Moody of El Paso doesn’t have any “pro-business” ideas of his own, so he decided to steal someone else’s, and took their words to boot. What makes this case of probably political plagiarism so funny is who he cribbed: Republican Governor Rick Perry.

BillWhiteForTaxes.com Launches Today

As the campaign season heats up, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility today announced the launch of BillWhiteForTaxes.com, an independent look at the campaign tactics of gubernatorial candidate Bill White.