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Help advance liberty in the Lone Star State by getting involved and supporting our work!

Or, learn more about, and contribute to, the Empower Texans Political Action Committee.

Prefer to donate by check? Please mail to PO Box 248 Leander, TX 78646. Please include the word “Foundation” in the Pay To line for tax-deductible gifts. 

Why donate to Empower Texans?

Thousands of Texans from across the Lone Star State have partnered with our organizations by investing in our work. It’s only because of them that we are able to daily engage, inform, and equip citizens with the information they need to take an active role in federal, state, and local governance.


Why should someone support Empower Texans? Because doing so is an investment in the people of Texas. An informed and empowered citizenry is the only way to ensure government – at all levels – remains of, by, and for the people.


Empower Texans never has – and never will – divulge the names of our financial supporters. Citizens have a right to protected political engagement without fear of reprisal. With history as our guide, we will stop at nothing to prevent tyrants and authoritarians who seek to deprive Texans of this right.
Contributions to Empower Texans do not constitute a membership. Donations are spent in accordance with the organization’s mission statement.