Cornyn Doesn’t ‘Understand’ Paxton Bid To End DACA?

While the Dallas Morning News‘ business columnist is gushing with excitement, conservatives are wondering what it is Sen. John Cornyn doesn’t understand about Attorney General Ken Paxton’s lawsuit to end the Obama-imposed DACA program.

The DMN’s Mitchell Schnurman writes:

“I honestly don’t understand what the state is asking for” in filing a lawsuit to stop the program, Cornyn said Friday in Dallas. “Right now, the issue looks like it’s going all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. They’re gonna decide whether DACA can be ended.”

President Obama imposed the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” without constitutional authority. President Trump attempted to end the program, but was stopped by a federal court. Paxton and other states’ attorneys general have filed a federal lawsuit to force the issue.

Cornyn told the Dallas group he has immersed himself in the problem of illegal immigration and he doesn’t understand what the lawsuit is supposed to do.

That’s funny, because everyone else seems to understand perfectly: end DACA.

Cornyn says he has immersed himself in the problem of illegal immigration for years? Given the lack of results, maybe he shouldn’t brag about his wasted effort?

Quite frankly, it looks increasingly like Cornyn is the problem.


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Michael Quinn Sullivan

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