Empower Texans Formation Fellowship

The deadline to apply for the inaugural class of Summer 2020 is March 20th!
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The Empower Texans Formation Fellowship is a comprehensive fellowship program designed for conservative Texans under the age of 25 with an interest in public policy, conservative activism, political accountability, and Texas history. Applicants need only demonstrate a commitment to foundational conservative principles, strong character, and a committed work ethic in order to be competitive. 

The fellowship is designed to train and form young political minds to be effective agents of change in Texas and their local communities using the principles and tactics developed by Empower Texans. At the end of the program, the ideal participant will walk away equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively and meaningfully participate in the public policy process and the conservative movement.



The Empower Texans Formation Fellowship is a paid, full-time commitment from June 1st to August 7th, 2020, located at the Empower Texans headquarters in Central Texas. The application will close at midnight on March 20th, 2020.

Fellows will work four days a week alongside senior Empower Texans staff in one of four departments: Communications/1836 Studios, Operations/Development, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, or Texas Scorecard. The fifth day of the week will feature seminars where fellows will be taught the skills and knowledge they need to be effective participants in the public policy process. 

The knowledge-based seminars are designed to provide fellows with an in-depth understanding of Texas political history and development with behind-the-scenes insights into the sausage-making process that is public policy.

The skills-based seminars will equip fellows with tools useful to enact political change, including political writing, speech-giving, bill analysis, communications strategy, and effective activism.

In addition to the work that fellows will do with senior staff and the educational seminars they will participate in, fellows will also be taken on excursions to recreational sites in the central Texas area as well as historical and political attractions across Texas. 

Fellows will be paid a $5,000 stipend in three installments for the duration of their fellowship.



The Empower Texans Formation Fellowship is designed to equip young conservatives with meaningful knowledge and tangible skills. To this end, fellows will request and be assigned to a specific department within Empower Texans that will assign them the majority of the work they will do during the fellowship. All fellows will be expected to assist in the general operations of Empower Texans and occasionally work in other departments.

Communications/1836 Studios


Fellows in the Communications/1836 Studios department at Empower Texans will work with senior staff to develop the communications strategy, social media, and audio/visual content for Empower Texans and all of its subordinate entities’ multimedia public presence. This includes the development of Texas Scorecard Radio, a syndicated radio program and podcast. Fellows will be expected to demonstrate creativity and a strong interest in communicating the public policy process to Empower Texans’ readership and supporters as well as the details of audio/visual content development, including the mechanics of production, as well as graphic design and video editing. 




Fellows in the Operations/Development department at Empower Texans will work with senior staff to coordinate the business development and maintenance of a thriving organization. Fellows will be expected to have strong organizational skills as well as competence with Microsoft Office. Additionally, fellows in this department will assist senior staff with maintaining, growing, and engaging with Empower Texans’ generous financial supporters in order to help the organization continue its work.


Texans for Fiscal Responsibility


Fellows in the Texans for Fiscal Responsibility department at Empower Texans will work with senior staff to analyze the voting records of elected officials (including those captured by the Fiscal Responsibility Index) and publicize their findings, equip subscribers with information necessary to promote accountability, and amplify the voice of grassroots citizens across the state. Fellows will be expected to have an appetite for the details of public policy combined with a thirst for the political process.


Texas Scorecard


Fellows for the Texas Scorecard department at Empower Texans will work with senior staff to research and develop content for Texas Scorecard, the news publication of Empower Texans that seeks to educate and inspire Texans to exercise effective citizenship and advance self-governance. Fellows will be expected to write and develop their own content under the mentorship of senior staff, in addition to assisting other staff members with research or additional content.



How do I apply?


Details for the application can be found at this link. The deadline to apply is March 20th. Applications will be processed on a rolling basis, and preference will be given to applications submitted earlier in the timeline. 


Who is this fellowship for?


The Empower Texans Formation Fellowship is designed to identify, equip, and train the future leaders of the conservative movement in the State of Texas. To this end, applicants need only demonstrate a commitment to foundational conservative principles, strong character, and a committed work ethic in order to be competitive. 

Previous political experience, academic achievement, writing skills, or even enrollment in college are not priorities for acceptance into this program. Preference will be given to candidates seeking full-time employment in the political arena rather than those seeking admission to graduate school or employment in other fields.


When will I be notified about my application status?


All candidates will be notified about their acceptance or rejection from the fellowship in early April.


Will Empower Texans pay for my travel to Austin or any other incidentals?


No. The $5,000 stipend (paid in three installments) for participation in the Empower Texans Formation Fellowship will be the only guaranteed financial compensation given to fellows.


Can non-Texans apply?


Only if they intend on rectifying their status as non-Texans as soon as possible.


Do I get to choose my department?


Fellows will be asked to provide a first-choice and second-choice preference for the department of Empower Texans they would like to work for during their fellowship. 


Can I take summer classes while participating in the Empower Texans Formation Fellowship?


The fellowship requires full-time, in-person attendance at the Empower Texans headquarters during the week and occasional special events on weekends for the duration of the program. Any scheduled activity that would prevent a fellow from maintaining near-perfect or perfect attendance during the work week would be grounds for rejection from the program. 


What is the time commitment?


Fellows will be expected to arrive at the office between 8:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. on all weekdays and can expect to conclude their daily duties between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. However, because Empower Texans is a dynamic organization and the political landscape is always changing, fellows may be required to work odd hours at various points during the program.


Why should I choose to dedicate my summer to the Empower Texans Formation Fellowship?


The fellowship is the first program of its kind in the State of Texas designed to form and equip young activists with the tools and knowledge they need to alter the political landscape of our beloved state. Upon its conclusion, fellows will possess a caliber of political experience and knowledge that normally requires years of full-time employment to develop. This invaluable toolkit will allow them to be real changemakers in their communities and make them top-tier recruits for Empower Texans and allied organizations looking to hold state and local officials accountable.


If you have any questions not answered in the FAQ above please email [email protected] and a team member will get back to you.