Gabbie Shafer

Gabbie Shafer is the Copy Editor for Empower Texans.

Gabbie is a born-and-raised Texas native and an alumna of the University of North Texas, where she studied English focusing in Technical Writing.

In 2012, she began volunteering for political campaigns while observing her husband’s work in the political world. Aspiring to be more active in her local community, she also began volunteering for several charities in Tarrant County and immediately developed a passion for the nonprofit field as a whole.

Gabbie has always enjoyed polishing a written work and believes that well-written material has the power to simplify convoluted concepts. She is excited to apply her skills at Empower Texans so others are equipped to make informed decisions, and she is grateful for the opportunity to learn alongside other conservative Texans.

Outside of work, you will find Gabbie enjoying caffeine, working out, reading, and likely immersed in a home improvement project with her husband, Kris.