Letter to Lawmakers on Taxes and Spending

We will print your letter on plain paper and hand-deliver it to the offices of your specific Texas House and Senate members, as well as the governor and lieutenant governor.

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Dear Legislators:

As your constituent, I encourage you to support the Texas Budget Compact, and all legislation that puts strong limits on budget growth and reduces Texas’ tax burden. We cannot afford bigger government.

Please support these two important taxpayer priorities:

Strong Spending Limits (Ex: HB88, HB228, HJR49 & SB 101)
Constitutionally limit the growth of spending to no more than the rate of inflation and population, ensuring that surplus taxes are returned in the form of tax relief or rebate.

Eliminate The Gross Margins Tax (Ex: HB607, SB179 & SB 113)
Keep Texas’ economy growing by eliminating the burdensome, unfair and under-performing gross margins tax. Use current surpluses and projected budget growth to phase-out the tax and replace it with nothing. Make Texas lean, strong and competitive.

I would like to hear from you as quickly as possible on these two matters, and what you are doing to ensure their enactment during the 83rd Session of the Texas Legislature.