From now through the primary election on March 6th, we’ll be hitting the road and checking in on campaigns across the Lone Star State as they make their pitch to primary voters.

But unlike the mainstream media, we won’t be reporting on every single “F-bomb” that crosses Beto O’ Rourke’s lips as he mounts his quixotic campaign against US Sen. Ted Cruz. We won’t be distributing the play by play of the Democratic primary, with its crowded field of “No Labels, but Democrat” Andrew White, former “International Mr. Leather” and current gay bar owner Jeffrey Payne, or sanctuary city sheriff Lupe Valdez.

No, we’ll be focusing on the election that will truly decide what kind of legislative outcomes Texans can expect in 2019: the Texas House.

We’ll be spending time on the ground in each of these campaigns and reporting back on how candidates are faring, the veracity of the tales they’re spinning, and much, much more!

Be sure to check back here each day for the latest from all across the state and, as always, what you can do to make a difference.

We’ll see you on the trail!

On the Trail: Day 1 in HD 87







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Tell Gov. Abbott: Taxpayers Want Real Property Tax Reform!

Texans pay the 4th highest property tax bills in the nation; will Greg Abbott call a special session to provide reform?

Fern McClaugherty: The Taxpayers’ Representative

Most politicians in the Rio Grande Valley know who Fern McClaugherty is; if she’s sitting in their chamber, it’s because taxpayers asked her to speak on their behalf.

Will Working Austinites Have a Voice on Their City Council?

Voters will determine if the interests of working class Austinites are completely absent on their city council.

Pre-Existing Conditions: Fix Them or Eliminate Them Altogether?

The purchase of insurance is essentially a transfer of risk, and insurance companies should make their own determinations on how to conduct underwriting.

Shaheen Seeks to Abolish Corporate Handouts for Hollywood

The TMIIIP has been the target of fiscal conservatives and budget hawks working to curtail cronyism in the Texas Legislature for nearly a decade.

Legislative Priority: Banning Red-Light Cameras

Photo enforced traffic citations violate drivers’ due process rights.

Texas Taxpayers Deserve Uniform Elections

It’s time for the legislature to end low-turnout “hide the vote” elections.

Houston to Vote on $3 Million for Live Music at Airport

Houston planning on spending $3 million on bands at the city’s airport.

Court Puts Hold on Houston Pay Parity

With a temporary restraining order in effect, taxpayers and union members are in for a costly fight.

Leach Leaves Freedom Caucus

“After much prayer and careful consideration, I owe it to each of you to let you know that I will no longer be a member of the Freedom Caucus.”

Cary Cheshire

Cary Cheshire

VP, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

Zach Maxwell

Zach Maxwell

Coalition Director