From now through the primary election on March 6th, we’ll be hitting the road and checking in on campaigns across the Lone Star State as they make their pitch to primary voters.

But unlike the mainstream media, we won’t be reporting on every single “F-bomb” that crosses Beto O’ Rourke’s lips as he mounts his quixotic campaign against US Sen. Ted Cruz. We won’t be distributing the play by play of the Democratic primary, with its crowded field of “No Labels, but Democrat” Andrew White, former “International Mr. Leather” and current gay bar owner Jeffrey Payne, or sanctuary city sheriff Lupe Valdez.

No, we’ll be focusing on the election that will truly decide what kind of legislative outcomes Texans can expect in 2019: the Texas House.

We’ll be spending time on the ground in each of these campaigns and reporting back on how candidates are faring, the veracity of the tales they’re spinning, and much, much more!

Be sure to check back here each day for the latest from all across the state and, as always, what you can do to make a difference.

We’ll see you on the trail!

On the Trail: Day 1 in HD 87
On the Trail: Day 2 in HD 88
On the Trail: Day 3 in HD 59
On the Trail: Day 4 in HD 60
On the Trail: Day 5 in HD 98
On the Trail: Day 6 in HD 64
On the Trail: Day 8 in HD 106
On the Trail: Day 9 in HD 99
On the Trail: Day 10 in HD 113
On the Trail: Day 11 in HD 107 & HD 114

Bush Campaigns with Liberal Lawmaker

The first-term Land Commissioner has teamed up with a liberal lawmaker for a “family block walk” just weeks before polls open.

No Consequences for Supporting Trial Lawyers?

Two Republican lawmakers aren’t facing repercussions from Texans for Lawsuit Reform despite opposition to group’s signature legislation.

Boos Battling for Texas House Seat in Second Campaign

100% of the precinct chairs in his district have endorsed Boos in the race and so have both of his members of the SREC.

Democrats’ Dismal Fundraising Reports

Bleak finance reports at the top of the ticket may negatively impact Democrats all the way down the ballot.

Straus Recruit Fundraises from Educrats and Unions in Texas Senate Campaign

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is strongly supporting Huffman

French Fighting Hard in Rematch Against Geren

FORT WORTH, Texas—Conservatives in Cowtown are taking another shot at replacing one of the most liberal Republicans in the Texas House. State Rep. Charlie Geren (R—Fort Worth) an eight-term incumbent, has been a fixture of the Straus regime ever since he helped depose...

Patterson Pushing Ahead in Open-Seat Campaign

He’s also been working hard on the campaign trail—knocking more than 3,000 doors personally all across Frisco, Sanger, and the rest of the district.

Failure to Fight Draws Freshman Legislator Primary Challenge

Stucky was savvy enough to avoid taking particularly perilous votes, but his body of work leaves much to be desired for taxpayers.

Conservatives Seek to Hold Former Ally Accountable in HD 98

After his first session, Capriglione turned his back on his constituents and joined the very cabal that he’d campaigned to oppose.

Clint Bedsole: No Limits on Property Taxes

Bedsole supported high property taxes and the obstructionists that have worked
against taxpayers to prevent meaningful reform.

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