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Tax-Funded Lobbying: Is a Lobby Firm Really a Bureaucrat?

The City of Grapevine, in North Texas, recently hired a lobby firm, Solutions for Local Control, LLC, to assist “in developing political and legislative strategies.” Behind the firm is mainly one individual, former state Rep. Fred Hill (R-Richardson), who scored only 60% on the Texans for Fiscal Responsibility Fiscal Responsibility Index during his final term in the Texas House. In what looks to be a blatant assault on public transparency, and perhaps illegally, Grapevine conducted its meetings about the lobby contract behind closed doors.

Round Rock Adopts Anti-Taxpayer Resolution

Round Rock Adopts Anti-Taxpayer Resolution

Tax-funded lobbying groups such as Texas Municipal League and the Texas Association of Counties are maneuvering in lock-step with cities such as Round Rock to defeat pro-taxpayer reforms during this special session.

Will Lobby War Forge Greater Transparency?

Tax-funded lobbying is big business in Austin, and two firms are currently engaged in a lawsuit over contracts with several Texas cities. Since the public is likely to be indirectly subsidizing this case, perhaps the least that will result is greater transparency between governmental bodies and the lobbyists they hire with tax dollars.