Worst of 2017: State Rep. Byron Cook

“The Hatchet Man”

No lawmaker does more to thwart conservative reforms in the Texas House than State Rep. Byron Cook (R–Corsicana). A staunch liberal, Cook presides over the powerful State Affairs Committee, which has jurisdiction over bills affecting “state policy.” From that roost, Cook has been empowered to thwart major conservative reforms.

Just this session, Cook killed measures to protect the unborn, women’s privacy, free speech, and end in-state tuition for illegal immigrants by bottling them up in his committee and refusing to move them to the floor. The bills that do make it through the gauntlet are often watered down and diluted to the point where they must be strengthened on the floor while Cook works to oppose the improvements.

Cook cemented his position on the worst list this session after a failed attempt to oppose strengthening the sanctuary cities bill and after he successfully led the opposition to a pro-life amendment to protect unborn children with fetal abnormalities from being aborted. The hatchet-man won the contest, and was selected by citizens as their number one worst legislator.

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