Worst of 2017: State Rep. J.D. Sheffield

“Dr. Democrat”

After Sheffield defeated now-Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller in 2012, Planned Parenthood and some teachers union groups admitted they had been working behind-the-scenes to get Democrats to cross over to vote for him in the Republican primary. It is now clear those groups knew who they were voting for.

Since entering the legislature in 2013, Sheffield has been one of the most liberal Republicans in the Texas Legislature – siding more often with Democrats than members of his own party on issues across the board. While horrendously liberal on fiscal matters, conservatives have been even more frustrated with his stances on protecting life and Texans’ Second Amendment rights.

This session, Sheffield carried one of the session’s most nefarious pieces of legislation: a “granny tax” on nursing home residents. That bill passed the House with the majority of House Republicans in opposition, but it died in the Texas Senate. For being all the Democrat he can be, Sheffield has earned his status as one of the ten worst legislators.

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