Worst of 2017: State Rep. John Zerwas

“The Spendaholic”

A foe of conservatives for years, liberal State Rep. John Zerwas (R–Simonton) has been one of the Texas Legislature’s biggest advocates for bringing Obamacare to Texas.

Though conservatives turned back each of his attempts, they found themselves fighting the lawmaker yet again this session. This time, conservatives had to fight against Zerwas’s bid to raid the Rainy Day Fund for ongoing expenses. Appointed by Straus to chair the Appropriations Committee, Zerwas turned in a budget that pillaged the state’s savings account and systematically defunded border security efforts and public schools in order to finance a spending spree.

While that budget passed in the Texas House, conservatives in the Texas Senate turned a cold shoulder on the proposal and forced Zerwas to pare down his plan into something reasonable. For pushing a budget that would have broken the state’s bank account and left the next legislature in a hole, Zerwas was selected as one of the legislature’s worst members.

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