Best of 2017: State Sen. Konni Burton

“The Maverick”

A Tea Party activist turned State Senator, Konni Burton (R–Colleyville) isn’t known for sitting down and doing what she’s told. While the Texas Senate, led by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, is considerably more conservative than the Texas House, Burton recognizes that the upper chamber can always do better as well and pushes and prods senators to do more, and to do the right thing.

Throughout the session, Burton pressed her fellow Republicans in the Texas Senate to stick to their principles—and she was successful in doing it. Take for instance the “granny tax.”

In spite of heavy pressure from powerful opponents in her own party, Burton dug in her heels and led the fight against the legislation and successfully corralled enough Republicans to scuttle the measure increasing taxes on nursing homes.

Burton’s determination and willingness to buck even her own allies to do what is right is why citizens chose her as one of the Texas Legislature’s best lawmakers.

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