Worst of 2017: State Rep. Larry Gonzales

“The Bureaucrat”

A true creature of the legislative process, Larry Gonzales joined the Texas Legislature in 2011 after serving as a staffer for years. He’s stayed loyal to his roots and serves as one of the bureaucracy’s biggest defenders and has a good perch to do it.

As an Appropriations Subcommittee chairman and the House’s leader on the Sunset Commission, Gonzales opposed conservative reforms in both venues. Early in the session, Gonzales made a direct attack on the pro-life movement, anti-toll road and red-light camera activists, as well as other grassroots causes by seeking to amend the rules and limit conservative amendments to sunset legislation.

That attempt failed, but Gonzales continued his obstruction attempts all session, making anti-conservative moves like his attempt to add a poison pill to the Convention of States resolution. And in a moment of cowardice, Gonzales ducked a vote on State Rep. Matt Schaefer’s (R–Tyler) amendment to strengthen the ban on sanctuary cities.

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