Best of 2017: State Rep. Matt Rinaldi

“The Paratrooper”

While some lawmakers charge headfirst into every battle, State Rep. Matt Rinaldi (R–Irving) takes more of a tactical approach. A cornerstone of the conservative Texas Freedom Caucus, Rinaldi is often the brains of the operation. Though he does fight on the frontlines when he’s needed, the quick-witted lawyer is more often seen working the room in isolated bursts to fix flawed proposals and kill bad ones.

Rinaldi also serves as Texas Right to Life’s “Pro-Life Whip” and was one of the major reasons why conservatives were able to score major pro-life victories on the floor of the Texas House despite intense opposition from the speaker and his lieutenants.

Like a paratrooper, Rinaldi drops in precisely when and where he is needed, and then fights to ensure the grassroots the victories they are due.

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