Worst of 2017: State Rep. Todd Hunter

“The Silent Killer”

Originally elected as a Democrat in the ‘90s, State Rep. Todd Hunter retired from the Texas House and then came back as a Republican in 2009 after a 12-year hiatus. While he may have changed his party, Hunter hasn’t changed his beliefs and remains one of the most liberal lawmakers in the chamber.

As the chairman of the Calendars Committee, Hunter has tremendous control over what does, and more importantly what doesn’t, come to the floor for a vote. Over the past few sessions, Hunter has used that power to kill conservative reforms quietly by bottling them up in his committee or by placing them far enough down the calendar that lawmakers can’t get to them before important deadlines.

When conservatives attempted to limit the power of his committee to kill legislation without a vote, Hunter successfully argued that lawmakers should oppose the change and continue allowing him, and not them, to “take the heat” for killing the bills. As the silent killer of popular reforms, the citizens selected Hunter as one of the ten worst legislators.

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