GOP To TxLege: Grassroots Ready For Special Session

Fresh off winning the chairmanship of the Republican Party of Texas, James Dickey sent public letters to the leaders of the House and Senate with a simple message: the Republican grassroots are ready for the special session.

“Many of the items included in Governor Abbott’s call directly reflect planks of the Republican Party of Texas Platform which as approved by more than 5,700 delegates at the 2016 State Republican Convention,” Dickey wrote. He then lists the items items and corresponding planks:

Municipal annexation reform – Plank 37
Cracking down on mail-in ballot fraud – Plank 59
Privacy – Plank 87
Prohibition of taxpayer funding for abortion providers – Plank 91
School choice for special needs students – Plank 147
Strengthening patient protection relating to do-not-resuscitate orders – Plank 100
Property tax reform – Plank 175
Prohibition of taxpayer dollars to collect union dues – Plank 197
School finance reform commission – Plank 120
Caps on state and local spending – Plank 167

Dickey is also asking Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and House Speaker Joe Straus to work with Abbott “to include our remaining Legislative Priorities” for special session action. That would include “constitutional carry” and the “abolition of abortion,” to name just two.

The letter comes a day after Straus appeared at a meeting of the Texas Association of School Boards and referred to the items on Abbott’s call as “horse manure.”

Straus also encouraged school board members to challenge to sitting state senators, presumably the conservatives he regularly opposes.

Tell the Texas Legislature: #PassThemAll

Gov. Greg Abbott has called a special session of the Texas Legislature, providing each of you a second chance to pass conservative reforms that were killed in the House during the regular session.

"If I'm going to ask taxpayers to foot the bill for a special session, I intend to make it count," Abbott said as he laid out a robust, conservative agenda for the 30-day special session.

Abbott’s list of 20 issues is almost entirely comprised of major, conservative policy goals that taxpayers have been demanding for years. Issues such as property tax reform, strong state and local spending limits, and ending the government collection of labor union dues.

Each part of Abbott’s agenda would represent a major victory for citizens, and it’s time for both chambers of the Texas Legislature to stop rationing reforms, stand up for taxpayers, and answer his call.

My message is simple: #PassThemAll!

Help spread the word for lawmakers to PASS THEM ALL!


Let your friends know you are calling on legislators to #PassThemAll!

Michael Quinn Sullivan

Michael is president and CEO of Empower Texans. A graduate of Texas A&M, former newspaper reporter, one-time Capitol Hill staffer, think tank vice president, and an Eagle Scout, Sullivan is married with three children. He divides his time between the Metroplex, the rest of Texas, and Austin.

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