Texas Scorecard Radio is a weekly radio program dedicated to keeping Texans informed about Texas. From news reports around the state to interviews with newsmakers, each episode is focused on giving citizens the information they need to be more engaged in government. Someone is always keeping score… we think it ought to be the taxpayers!

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Texas Scorecard Radio (March 15, 2018)


Episode 24: Tony McDonald discusses the latest news from around Texas with Erin Anderson and Brandon Waltens. An interview with Michael Voris of ChurchMilitant.com, and Ross Kecseg discusses the Texas Revolution.


  • The Walking Dead? More like The Voting Dead.
  • Which side is Abbott’s campaign treasurer working for?
  • Michael Voris of ChurchMilitant.com
  • Texas’ fight for freedom!

Texas Scorecard Radio (March 08, 2018)


Episode 23: Texas Scorecard Radio host Tony McDonald is joined by Empower Texans Capitol Bureau chief Brandon Waltens and V.P. of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility Cary Cheshire to recap Texas’ Republican primary results.


  • How did George P. Bush win?
  • Is Texas still red?
  • What else happened?

Texas Scorecard Radio (March 01, 2018)


Episode 22: Tony McDonald and Zach Maxwell discuss how you can carry freedom’s torch after the primary elections. Also Brandon Waltens discusses a trio of TXLege bad actors and Erin Anderson has some info on voter fraud in the RGV. Data guru Derek Ryan drops in the discuss what the numbers may tell us about voter turnout this year. Cary Cheshire has this week’s commentary.


  • How can you carry freedom’s torch?
  • A TXLege bad actor trifecta?
  • Voter fraud in South Texas?
  • Who is showing up to the polls?

Texas Scorecard Radio (February 22, 2018)


Episode 21: Host Tony McDonald and Cary Cheshire discuss the propositions on this year’s Republican primary ballot. Sal Ayala breaks down last legislative session’s “granny tax.” Brandon Waltens lets us know which State Rep. is poised to throw his hat into the ring in the next race for Speaker. State Rep. Jonathan Stickland calls in to discuss what taxpayers can do to expand liberty in Texas.

  • What is the Granny Tax?
  • What are those propositions at the bottom of my ballot?
  • Will Drew Darby follow Straus’ roadmap?
  • What can you do?

Texas Scorecard Radio (February 15, 2018)


Episode 20: Tony McDonald updates us on the latest on educrats efforts to install liberal candidates. Brandon Waltens drops by to chat about a state legislator caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Warren Norred joins Tony to discuss defending college conservatives and Michael Quinn Sullivan has a commentary.

  • Stealing school resources?
  • Profiting from office?
  • Are conservatives allowed on campus?
  • Who will drain the swamp?