Texas Scorecard Radio is a weekly radio program dedicated to keeping Texans informed about Texas. From news reports around the state to interviews with newsmakers, each episode is focused on giving citizens the information they need to be more engaged in government. Someone is always keeping score… we think it ought to be the taxpayers!

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Texas Scorecard Radio (November 08, 2018)

Episode 58: Guest host Brandon Waltens discusses the results of the 2018 elections with Cary Cheshire, Michael Quinn Sullivan, Jacob Asmussen, and Charles Blain. Tony McDonald has a commentary on why it is important to make sure the math adds up before you declare victory or defeat after an election.


  • GOP remains strong statewide…
  • What happened in TXLege?
  • Did taxpayers win in CenTex?
  • What about Houston?
  • Does the math add up?

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Texas Scorecard Radio (November 01, 2018)

Episode 57: Tony McDonald and Brandon Waltens discuss the latest news surrounding the November general elections across the state. Charles Blain has a report on a controversy in Houston regarding the voter rolls. Cary Cheshire fills us in on the newest entrant into the race for Texas’ speaker of the House, Dennis Bonnen. Tony interviews Bryson Boyd and Laura Harris about their fight against forced annexation. Michael Quinn Sullivan has a commentary on the roots of self-governance.


  • Red wave? Blue wave? No wave?
  • Houston, we have a problem!
  • A new speaker hopeful?
  • Fighting forced annexation
  • What unites us?

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Texas Scorecard Radio (October 25, 2018)

Episode 56: Tony McDonald discusses defeated Republicans who are now endorsing Democrats with Ross Kecseg. Erin Anderson talks about Democrats signing up non-citizens to vote and Brandon Waltens recaps the recent Trump rally  for Sen. Ted Cruz in Houston. Judicial candidate John Browning stops by to explain why judicial races matter. Sal Ayala has a commentary about how local governments are using your tax dollars to lobby against you.


  • Fake Republicans?
  • Signing up non-citizens?
  • A yuuuuuuge rally in Houston!
  • Importance of judicial races
  • Using your tax dollars against taxpayers.

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Texas Scorecard Radio (October 18, 2018)

Episode 55: Tony McDonald discusses voter fraud arrests in Tarrant County with Erin Anderson, Brandon Waltens chats about a group of GOP Texas legislators submitting three possible candidates for the next Speaker of the House, and Jacob Asmussen speaks with Tony about a controversial Central Texas ISD’s bond package. Tony interviews the newest State Senator, Pete Flores. Michael Quinn Sullivan has a commentary


  • But voter fraud isn’t real, right?
  • The “Wolf Pack”
  • Is it really for the kids?
  • A historic victory in the Texas Senate
  • Falling out of love with Beto?

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Texas Scorecard Radio (October 11, 2018)

Episode 54: Tony McDonald sits down with Brandon Waltens, Miriam Cepeda, and Sal Ayala to discuss what is happening in the news. Neurologist Dr. Steven Croft discusses the issue of brain death in this week’s interview, and Cary Cheshire has a commentary.


  • Will Texas State Reps struggle in the November elections?
  • Voter fraud in Mission?
  • Conservative priorities
  • What is brain death?
  • Part 4 in Speaker Selection series.

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