Texas Scorecard Radio is a weekly radio program dedicated to keeping Texans informed about Texas. From news reports around the state to interviews with newsmakers, each episode is focused on giving citizens the information they need to be more engaged in government. Someone is always keeping score… we think it ought to be the taxpayers!

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Texas Scorecard Radio (December 14, 2017)

Episode 12: Host Tony McDonald discusses the latest from around the Lone Star State with Morgan Williamson, Ross Kecseg, and Cary Cheshire. San Antonio activist George Rodriguez joins the show to discuss censuring House Speaker Joe Straus and Michael Quinn Sullivan discusses the capitol’s dirty culture.


  • What needs to happen in Austin for females working in and around the capitol to feel safe?
  • A boondoggle occurring in the Metroplex
  • The filing deadline has passed, who’s in and who’s out?
  • A powerful rebuke of the Texas House leadership.

Texas Scorecard Radio (December 07, 2017)


Episode 11: Reagan Reed, Ross Kecseg, and Cary Cheshire join host Tony McDonald to discuss what is going on around the state. Tony has an interview with State House of Representatives candidate Bo French and Michael Quinn Sullivan has this week’s commentary.

  • A Houston official praises the Texas House for killing property tax reform
  • Are sanctuary cities actually PRO-business?
  • Which TXLege GOP House members are being censured?
  • Were Bo French and his family victims of the most disgusting political attack in Texas history?

Texas Scorecard Radio (November 30, 2017)


Episode 10: Host Tony McDonald whips around the state with Buddy Kipp, Cary Cheshire, and Ross Kecseg. Direct Action Texas’ Aaron Harris stops in and Michael Quinn Sullivan has a commentary.

  • Should a mayor be allowed to personally benefit from city contracts?
  • A Texas State Rep. stands up for taxpayers and as usual is lambasted by the Austin establishment media.
  • What is the latest in the races around the Metroplex for the 2018 GOP primary?
  • Bombshell document recently published unmasks corrupt prosecutors in the case against Texas AG Ken Paxton