Texas Scorecard Radio is a weekly radio program dedicated to keeping Texans informed about Texas. From news reports around the state to interviews with newsmakers, each episode is focused on giving citizens the information they need to be more engaged in government. Someone is always keeping score… we think it ought to be the taxpayers!

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Texas Scorecard Radio (May 17, 2018)



Episode 33: Tony McDonald discusses the latest from around Texas with Michael Quinn Sullivan, Charles Blain, and Jacob Asmussen. Capitol Bureau chief Brandon Waltens breaks down the upcoming race for Speaker of the Texas House in this week’s interview, and Cary Cheshire has a commentary.


  • Will the Texas delegation allow Farenthold in their offices?
  • Houston wants more money.
  • Regulations are killing Austin
  • Who will be the next Speaker?
  • Are you a Texan if you’re not a Texan?

Texas Scorecard Radio (May 10, 2018)



Episode 32: Host Tony McDonald visits with each Empower Texans bureau to find out what happened in the May 5 local elections. Also the third and final installment of Tony’s interview with Empower Texans board chairman Tim Dunn. And Michael Quinn Sullivan tells us about Texas’ confused senior senator.


  • Local elections: the good and the bad
  • The biblical roots of self governance part 3
  • Hey, Sen. Cornyn! What is so confusing about ending DACA?

Texas Scorecard Radio (May 3, 2018)



Episode 31: Tony McDonald speaks with Erin Anderson, Michael Quinn Sullivan, and Brandon Waltens about the latest from around Texas. Tony and Tim Dunn continue their discussion on the biblical roots of self governance, and Ross Kecseg has a commentary.


  • A crooked judge off the hook?
  • Foreign aid funded terrorists?
  • How is UT redefining manliness?
  • Part 2 with Tim Dunn
  • Local elections matter


Texas Scorecard Radio (April 26, 2018)



Episode 30: Host Tony McDonald is joined by Ross Kecseg to discuss what was learned from a forensic audit of a North Texas ISD. Brandon Waltens discusses the recent anti-2nd Amendment school walkouts. Also Part 1 of Tony’s interview with Tim Dunn about the biblical roots of self governance and Michael Quinn Sullivan has a commentary.


  • Corruption, theft, and fraud by a North Texas ISD?
  • Should schools who organize walkouts be penalized?
  • Tony and Tim in Jerusalem
  • Missing in action?

Texas Scorecard Radio (April 19, 2018)



Episode 29: Cary Cheshire visits with Jacob Asmussen about the latest property tax hikes in the Capitol City. Brandon Waltens discusses his recent trip to San Antonio and the future of the Shrine of Texas Liberty. State Sen. Konni Burton gives an update on her re-election campaign in this week’s interview, and Tony McDonald delivers a commentary on white hats and black hats.


  • Does Austin ever stop raising taxes?
  • The future of The Alamo
  • Holding on to Texas’ swing district
  • We are not knights, but we do wear the white hats.