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Tell the Legislature: We Demand Genuine Ethics Reform!

Tell the Legislature: We Demand Genuine Ethics Reform!

Gov. Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick have made genuine ethics reform for lawmakers one of their top priorities this year. We must eliminate and expose conflicts of interest and self-dealing. We need to restore the public trust in state government by removing those legislators who are abusing their offices for their own private gain.

Genuine ethics reform will require legislators and other public officials to disclose the contracts they and their families have with state and local governments. It will ban public officials from working as lobbyists while in office and will end the revolving door between the legislature and the lobby by requiring former public officials to undergo a cooling-off period before advocating for private causes.

Ethics reform will require public officials who are attorneys to disclose the fees they earn as bond counsel and any legal referral fees they receive. Reform will also impose a hard cap on the amount of undisclosed gifts a public official can receive from a lobbyist.

Finally, ethics reform should eliminate pensions for legislators and, until that can be done, the pensions should be de-coupled from the salaries of district judges. Legislators should not be allowed to hide pay raises for themselves behind salary increases for judges.

Will you help us continue the fight for genuine ethics reform?

Spread the message! We need genuine ethics form in state government!