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Tell the Legislature: We Need Strict Spending Limits!

Tell the Legislature: We Need Strict Spending Limits!

More than 94% of Republican primary voters support strict spending restraints applied to all levels of government. Without limits, the size of state and local governments will continue to spiral out of control.

The current spending restraints at the state level are weak. A better limit would be based on population and inflation growth and would be applied to the entire state budget, requiring a super-majority vote of legislators to exceed that threshold.

Additionally, similar spending limits must be placed on all levels of local government in order to rein in the explosion of local debt and property tax burdens seen across the state. To deliver lasting property tax reform, legislators must empower voters, and require fiscal responsibility at the state and local level.

Will you help us continue our efforts to bring about strict constitutional spending limits?

Tell your friends to sign the petition for strict spending limits!