Tell the Legislature: Reform Tax-Funded Lobbying!

Tell the Legislature: We Demand Tax-Funded Lobbying Reform!

All across the state, taxpayers are unwittingly footing the bill for lobbyists to advocate for, or against, policy positions in the state legislature. Frequently, these policy positions are in direct conflict with the interests of the taxpayers who are unknowingly funding them.

It’s not an isolated case, either. In fact, in the 2015 Legislative Session, over 42% of lobbyists represented a local government interest – not counting school districts. When factoring in ISDs, that number skyrockets even further.

Considering the widespread political impact of this practice and the abject lack of transparency or accountability throughout, it is time for lawmakers to stand up and bring meaningful reform to this part of the legislative process.

Will you help us continue the push to end tax-funded lobbying?

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