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Tell the Texas Legislature: #PassThemAll

Gov. Greg Abbott has announced a robust reform agenda for lawmakers to tackle starting July 18 in a special called session of the Legislature. The agenda includes property tax reform, limits on state and local government spending, prioritizing spending in the classroom, protecting women’s and children’s privacy, school choice for special needs kids, and much more. His only obstacle is the obstructionist House leadership.

Tell the Texas Legislature: #PassThemAll

Gov. Greg Abbott has called a special session of the Texas Legislature, providing each of you a second chance to pass conservative reforms that were killed in the House during the regular session.

"If I'm going to ask taxpayers to foot the bill for a special session, I intend to make it count," Abbott said as he laid out a robust, conservative agenda for the 30-day special session.

Abbott’s list of 20 issues is almost entirely comprised of major, conservative policy goals that taxpayers have been demanding for years. Issues such as property tax reform, strong state and local spending limits, and ending the government collection of labor union dues.

Each part of Abbott’s agenda would represent a major victory for citizens, and it’s time for both chambers of the Texas Legislature to stop rationing reforms, stand up for taxpayers, and answer his call.

My message is simple: #PassThemAll!