Texas Posts Biggest Job Growth In Nation

With the national unemployment average now at a 26-year-high of 10.2 percent, Texas is doing much, much better. Not only is the state’s unemployment two-points lower (8.3 percent), but lead the nation in job creation last month.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Texas entrepreneurs created 41,700 new jobs, the biggest increase in the nation. Here is the BLS report.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg.com reports that 21 states experienced payroll declines.”New York showed the biggest drop, with a loss of 15,300. Florida had 8,500 job losses, followed by Georgia with 7,500 and Virginia with 7,100.”

Of Texas’ chief economic competitors, California still wallows in the results of its infatuation with liberal policies. They have a 12.5 percent unemployment rate. But at least they aren’t Michigan, where the unemployment rate is a staggering 15.1 percent. Following closely behind is Nevada and Rhode Island (both hanging around 13 percent).

Regardless of who we elect, Texans need to make sure our Governor, Senate and House don’t let it happen here. We need men and women who will pursue sound economic policy, restricting government growth, cutting taxes and freeing the economy from burdensome regulations.

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Michael Quinn Sullivan

Michael is the CEO of Empower Texans. A graduate of Texas A&M, former newspaper reporter, one-time Capitol Hill staffer, think tank vice president, and an Eagle Scout, Sullivan is married with three children. He divides his time between the Metroplex, the rest of Texas, and Austin.

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