TFR Vote Notice: Pre-Filed Amendments to HB 3

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Scan No.AuthorDescriptionStance
860500BailesNegatively adjusts formula funding for charter schoolsAGAINST
860513BernalMandates spending on economically disadvantaged, bilingual educationAGAINST
860481BlancoUses education funds on census outreachAGAINST
860474CapriglioneRequiring Robin Hood transparency on property tax billsFOR
860446CraddickAllowing campuses set to be closed to be repurposed as charter schoolsFOR
860442Gonzalez, MaryIncreased spendingAGAINST
860441GoodwinCodifies future spending increasesAGAINST
860516GuillenIncreased spendingAGAINST
860517GuillenIncreased spendingAGAINST
860518GuillenIncreased spendingAGAINST
860519GuillenIncreased spendingAGAINST
860520GuillenIncreased spendingAGAINST
860521GuillenIncreased spendingAGAINST
860522GuillenMandates TEA Commissioner to adjust spending upward on certain districtsAGAINST
860492HowardSpending on child-care servicesAGAINST
860495HowardMandatory spendingAGAINST
860490HubertyDecreases compresson percentage as taxable value increasesFOR
860487KrauseNo tax rate elections without auditFOR
860515KrauseSchools can use funds only for what they've been issued forFOR
860524KrauseBallot includes average home property tax burden impact based on proposed M&O rateFOR
860452MunozReports on cost-saving measuresFOR
860407RaymondIncreased spendingAGAINST
860478RaymondIncreased spendingAGAINST
860479RaymondIncreased spendingAGAINST
860480RaymondIncreased spendingAGAINST
860483RaymondLower state compression percentage from 96% to 94%FOR
860484RaymondIncreased spendingAGAINST
860485RaymondIncreased spendingAGAINST
860494SanfordRequires efficiciency audit before holding election on tax increase proposalFOR
860456SchaeferMerit based pay funds application for teachers who perform well based on effectiveness planFOR
860425SticklandStrikes incentive for additional instructional daysFOR
860511Turner, ChrisMandatory spendingAGAINST
860436VanDeaverAllows higher rollback rate for certain districtsAGAINST