2017 Vote Notices & Methodology

On this page we will list the votes and bills eligible for inclusion on the 2017 Fiscal Responsibility Index comporting to our mission and founding principles. We use the Fiscal Responsibility Index to explain the broad parameters by which we will report on the legislative session, and then measure its outcomes.

Priority Issues (new page)
Rating Methodology

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Pending-Vote Announcements
These votes are eligible for consideration on the 2017 Fiscal Responsibility Index. Votes on legislation and amendments regarding our core principles will be included.

4/24/2017HB 1260 (regulation of commercial shrimp unloading)Promoting Free MarketsHouseAGAINST
4/21/17HB 926 (expanding hotel occupancy tax authorization)Corporate WelfareHouseAGAINST
4/20/17HB 518 (redirecting sales tax to job placement programs)Corporate WelfareHouseAGAINST
4/20/17Floor Substitute to SB 2190 (Houston pension reform)Local Government ReformSenateAGAINST
4/19/17SB 1046 (extending federal emissions standards)State SovereigntySenateAGAINST
4/19/17SB 797 (hotel tax expansion)Corporate WelfareSenateAGAINST
4/19/17SB 599 (expanding DRP fee deferrals)Budget and Tax ReformSenateFOR
4/19/17SB 586 (extension of telecom subsidies)Promoting Free MarketsSenateAGAINST
4/19/17SB 385 (voter approval of federal rail funds)Corporate WelfareSenateFOR
4/19/17SB 314 (continuation of Optometry Board)Promoting Free MarketsSenateAGAINST
4/18/17SCR 1 (Calling on Congress to repeal Obamacare)Promoting Free MarketsSenateFOR
4/18/17HB 21 (School finance)K-12 Education ReformHouseAGAINST
4/18/17Pre-filed Amendments to HB 21 (School finance)K-12 Education ReformHouseRead More
4/12/17SB 977 (prohibiting use of public funds for private rail)Corporate WelfareSenateFOR
4/12/17SB 979 (prohibiting certain uses of eminent domain)Property RightsSenateFOR
4/12/17SB 981 (requiring private rail to be compatible with existing train tech)Promoting Free MarketsSenateAGAINST
4/12/17SB 975 (burdening private rail with security regulation)Promoting Free MarketsSenateAGAINST
4/11/17HB 486 (rollback rate alternative calculation)Property Tax ReformHouseAGAINST
4/10/17SB 451 (short-term rental preemption)State SovereigntySenateFOR
4/10/17SB 1147 (Music Museum bill)Promoting Free MarketsSenateAGAINST
4/10/17SB 509 (eval and reporting on pension systems)State Government ReformSenateFOR
4/6/17SB 445 (Tax-funded Lobbying)Tax Funded LobbyingSenateFOR
4/6/17SB 612 (on complaints and filings before TEC)First Amendment ProtectionsSenateFOR
4/6/17SB 750 (repealing restrictions on package store permits)Promoting Free MarketsSenateFOR
4/6/17SB 1760 (allowing tasting events by distiller permit holders)Promoting Free MarketsSenateFOR
4/6/17SB 626 (strengthening property owner rights re: eminent domain)Property RightsSenateFOR
4/6/17SB 627 (strengthening property owner rights re: eminent domain)Property RightsSenateFOR
4/6/17House Budget AmendmentsBudget & Tax ReformHouseClick here
4/6/17SB 813 (recovery of costs for frivolous regulatory actions)Promoting Free MarketsSenateFOR
4/6/17SJR 43 (prohibiting state funds for local pensions)State Government ReformSenateFOR
4/5/17SB 799 (authorizing expanded HOT tax)Corporate WelfareSenateAGAINST
4/5/17Amendment 1 to SB 19Higher Ed. ReformSenateFOR
4/5/17Amendment 1 to SB 18Higher Ed. ReformSenateAGAINST
4/4/17HB 10 (mental health insurance mandate)Promoting Free MarketsHouseAGAINST
4/4/17SB 488 (Ballot Integrity Act)Local Government ReformSenateFOR
3/30/17SB 18 (repeal of tuition set-asides)Higher Ed. ReformSenateFOR
3/30/17Actions weakening SB 3 by restricting access or participationK-12 Education ReformSenateAGAINST
3/29/17SB 19 (tuition limits and temp. freeze)Higher Ed. ReformSenateFOR
3/29/17SB 2190 (union friendly pension reform)State Government ReformSenateAGAINST/AMEND
3/29/17HB 132 (welfare expansion)State Government ReformHouseAGAINST
3/28/17Amendment to HB 1818 by Cain (truth in taxation)Budget and Tax ReformHouseFOR
3/28/17Amendment to HB 1818 by Krause (eliminating alt-fuels consumer program)State Government ReformHouseFOR
3/28/17Amendment to HB 1818 by Turner (rolling back fracking ban preemption)State SovereigntyHouseAGAINST
3/28/17SB 3 (school choice)K-12 Education ReformSenateFOR
3/28/17SB 9 (constitutional population and inflation spending limit)Spending LimitsSenateFOR
3/28/17SB 13 (abolishing auto payroll deduction of union dues)State Government ReformSenateFOR
3/28/17SB 151 (voter appoval of pension obligation bonds)State Government ReformSenateFOR
3/28/17SB 407 (bidding exceptions to Public Information Act)Corporate WelfareSenateFOR
3/28/17SB 408 (definition of govt body for Public Information Act)Corporate WelfareSenateFOR
3/22/17SB 16 (eliminating application fees for handgun licenses)Budget and Tax ReformSenateFOR
3/21/17SB 88 (prohibiting photo-enforced traffic citations)State SovereigntySenateFOR
3/20/17SB 2 (property tax reform)Property Tax ReformSenateFOR
3/20/17SB 17 (franchise tax phase-out)Budget and Tax ReformSenateFOR
3/20/17SB 730 (increasing personal property tax exemptions)Property Tax ReformSenateFOR
3/16/17Suspending rules to fast track minimum wage hike (HJR 56)House RulesHouseAGAINST
3/13/17SB 6 (Texas Privacy Act)State SovereigntySenateFOR
3/13/17SB 18 (repeal tuition set-asides)Higher Ed. ReformSenateFOR
3/13/17SB 135 (spending reduction measures)Budget and Tax ReformSenateFOR
3/7/17SB 7 (passing the trash)K-12 Education ReformSenateFOR
2/27/17SJR 2 (convention of states)State SovereigntySenateFOR
2/13/17SB 505 (ethics reform)Pro-Citizen Ethics ReformSenateFOR
2/8/17SB 504 (ethics reform)Pro-Citizen Ethics ReformSenateFOR
2/7/17SB 502 (ethics reform)Pro-Citizen Ethics ReformSenateFOR
2/7/17SB 503 (ethics reform)Pro-Citizen Ethics ReformSenateFOR
2/6/17Actions protecting the ESFBudget and Tax ReformBOTHFOR
2/6/17Actions drawing down the balance of the ESFBudget and Tax ReformBOTHAGAINST
2/6/17SB 4 (banning sanctuary cities)State SovereigntySenateFOR
2/6/17SB 14 (ethics reform)Pro-Citizen Ethics ReformSenateFOR
2/6/17SB 500 (ethics reform)Pro-Citizen Ethics ReformSenateFOR
2/6/17SB 501 (ethics reform)Pro-Citizen Ethics ReformSenateFOR
1/10/17Rules that empower members to advance conservative reforms and agendas and disable House leadership obstruction tacticsHouse RulesHouseFOR
1/10/17Rules by Rep. Larry Gonzales gagging conservative reforms on Sunset measuresHouse RulesHouseAGAINST


As we have done in the past, ratings will be calculated based only on the votes actually taken by each member, including any clarifying statements placed in the Journals. Absences will be noted, but will not positively or negatively affect the rating.

In both chambers, slight weighting is given only to budget amendment and tax-related votes. Authoring and co-authoring priority legislation that receives an up-or-down vote on the floor is positively included in the rating as extra credit.