2019 Vote Notices & Methodology

On this page we will list the votes and bills eligible for inclusion on the 2019 Fiscal Responsibility Index comporting to our mission and founding principles. We use the Fiscal Responsibility Index to explain the broad parameters by which we will report on the legislative session, and then measure its outcomes.

Priority Issues (new page)
Rating Methodology

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Pending-Vote Announcements
These votes are eligible for consideration on the 2019 Fiscal Responsibility Index. Votes on legislation and amendments regarding our core principles will be included.

2019 Pending Vote Notices

03/27/2019SB 500 - supplemental appropriationsHouseAGAINST (violates Conservative Texas Budget and spends ESF funds on ongoing expenses)
03/27/2019HB 1 - state budgetHouseAGAINST (violates Conservative Texas Budget)
03/27/2019Amendments to HB 1 (state budget)HouseView notices here
03/27/2019SB 22 - banning sweetheart deals for abortion providersSenateFOR
03/27/2019SB 702 - taxpayer-funded lobbying reformSenateFOR
03/26/2019HB 382 - subsidized municipal utility billsHouseAGAINST
03/25/2019HB 337 - mandating cutoff switches on motorboatsHouseAGAINST
03/20/2019SB 12 - additional spending on TRS without sufficient reformsSenateAGAINST
03/20/2019SB 366 - more transparency of registered lobbyist activitySenateFOR
03/20/2019SB 548 - reforming TEC complaint processSenateFOR
03/20/2019HB 305 - increased transparency regarding local electionsHouseFOR
03/20/2019HB 81 - increased transparency for local gov'tHouseFOR
03/19/2019HB 234 - deregulating child lemonade standsHouseFOR
03/19/2019HB 92 - promoting welfare enrollment via public schoolsHouseNEUTRAL as amended
03/18/2019SB 552 - eminent domain reformSenateFOR
03/18/2019SB 553 - eminent domain reformSenateFOR
03/18/2019SB 554 - eminent domain reformSenateFOR
03/18/2019SB 421 - eminent domain reformSenateFOR
03/18/2019SB 18 - free speech protections on college campusesSenateFOR
03/12/2019SB 500 - supplemental appropriationsSenateAGAINST (violates Conservative Texas Budget and spends ESF funds on ongoing expenses)
03/06/2019SB 15 - prohibiting certain local regulations of private employersSenateFOR
02/27/2019SB 3 - increasing teacher pay raisesSenateAGAINST (without passage of sufficient property tax relief)
02/26/2019SB 10 - spending outside core function of governmentSenateAGAINST
01/09/2019Rules that empower members to advance conservative reforms, simplify the process, and increase transparency and access for citizens.HouseFOR


As we have done in the past, ratings will be calculated based only on the votes actually taken by each member, including any clarifying statements placed in the Journals. Absences will be noted, but will not positively or negatively affect the rating.

In both chambers, slight weighting is given only to budget amendment and tax-related votes. Authoring and co-authoring priority legislation that receives an up-or-down vote on the floor is positively included in the rating as extra credit.