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Why Paycheck Protection?

Voters in the Texas GOP Primary sent a resounding message: they want an end to government collection of union dues. More than two million Texans voted in favor of the non-binding ballot Proposition 3 leading to its roughly 83% to 17% passage.

The passage of Proposition 3 by such a large margin sends a mandate to House leadership that voters want them to act on ending this practice next session. It is yet to be seen if the House will further drive the wedge between the wishes of taxpayers and elected officials, or if we will finally see a paycheck protection bill allowed to progress. 

5 Reasons Why Texas Needs Paycheck Protection

1. Taxpayer resources should never be used for partisan politics

It’s already a crime for politicians and government employees to use public resources for political purposes. The same principle should apply to government entities that use public resources to aid unions in collecting their member’s dues by automatically deducting them from employee paychecks.

2. Collection of political money by public officials creates a conflict of interest

In a report compiled by the Heritage Foundation, it was determined that paycheck protection laws have “a clear negative effect on public sector union contributions to candidates for state legislative offices.” They also determined that reducing collusion also reduces government union campaign donations by about 50%.

Public officials are elected to represent taxpayers, not government-employees or their unions.

3. Local government unions wield too much political power

Government and union contract negotiations exclusively benefit public unions at the expense of taxpayers. Houston’s Organization of Public Employees shows that they can force governments to give the unions complete contact lists of union and even non-union employees for no reason other than to pressure employees to join.

4. Paycheck Protection laws empower employees

Paycheck protection bills increase an employees’ ability to control exactly where their money is going, by allowing them decide whether or not to support their union’s political cause. Some employees enjoy the benefits that unions provide, but disagree with the political nature of the organization. 

5. Government unions aren’t transparent

Lack of transparency over the use of public funds creates an environment of unaccountability, waste, and graft cyclically perpetuated by its political ties to powerful seats in government.